Mar 23

Why Is It Important To Repair Body Bumps As Soon As Possible?

It is true that body bumps and scratches on the paint of our vehicle are a real problem but even more so when we have to pay for the repair. Now, also though we are the ones who have to pay for the restoration of our vehicle, it is essential that we take into account that our car needs to be the order of the day and not just for a simple aesthetic failure.

When our car takes a hit, it is likely that there is deterioration in certain parts of the body, which is the “armor” of the vehicle that protects us from the blows in the event of an accident. If the body has suffered a blast and we have not seen it is likely to have deteriorated and in future hits could not meet as it should.

What Happens When There Is A Blow, And It Is Not Repaired?

There are small superficial blows that do not damage the internal parts of the vehicle but many other punches do, and this leads us to be under threat when it comes to having more severe accidents. Let’s take a straightforward example: Imagine that you hit your car in the left front, as in the image.

Well, it turns out that you do not repair it because the blow seems superficial but could have damaged some part of the body and in a next hit or a frontal collision that part of the body would suffer a much more significant impact and would be deformed much more than usual. Bearing in mind that it is the driver’s side that little blow can be a before and after in your life (it is that hard but it is true).

Besides that a blow can cause a failure in the structure of the vehicle can also degrade even more over time, creating a small setback to deform parts near the blast, rotting the sheet and more failures that we have seen thousands of times in many vehicles. Check out this Pueblo auto body shop for some cool tips.

Mar 22

Tips For Caring For You’re Newly Purchased Car

With the acquisition of a new car, millions of doubts arise to assure you the best possible care. With many tips for your recently purchased car, you can ensure its proper maintenance and operation.

Acquiring a new car is a significant investment. Your purchase is always made with the idea of making life easier for us by improving our mobility, saving us time on journeys and gaining freedom by not having to depend on other people’s vehicles. The intention is, therefore, that it lasts for many years.

The decision to buy a new car always generates some concern, because we are afraid to err in the choice. But once done and checked that the vehicle works correctly; it’s time to enjoy it.

Follow these tips for your newly purchased car and make that enjoyment and that feeling of a brand new car every day last for a long time. To do this, you the must take care of both the internal parts and the appearance of the vehicle:

  • Before accelerating the car to its maximum speed, wait to travel the first 1,500 km with it. In this way and despite the fact that nowadays they always pre-roll the new vehicles before delivering them, we will ensure the correct assembly of all the pieces and that it is achieved gradually, without forcing the car.
  • Try to drive the new vehicle always smoothly, avoiding sudden braking and acceleration.
  • Be careful not to exceed the revolutions per minute indicated for each year.